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Hello Dr. Macario! I have a question for you that I thought might be good for your blog. We have an educational stipend here during internship this year, and I was wondering if you could provide a short list of recommended anesthesia books for us. I know we’ll have a couple of months where there will be a good amount of time to read before starting anesthesia residency at Stanford.

Great question. Thanks! I surveyed a few of our current housestaff to get their recommendations.
Answer from CA3: I bought Basics of Anesthesia by Miller (aka Baby Miller) and read it through on my anesthesia rotations as a student and during my internship. I also used my book allowance as an intern to buy Barash’s Clinical Anesthesia, though I mostly bought it so I would have it once I started residency. I also found the book “Anesthesia Secrets” by author J. Duke to be a good reference in the months leading up to starting Anesthesia, since the chapters are very short and come in question/answer format. It’s not easy to grasp and retain the information in Anesthesia books when you are not immersed in it as a resident, but I did feel that I was better prepared to start as a CA-1 having familiarized myself with the chapters in Baby Miller.

Answer from CA3: I would strongly recommend Faust’s Anesthesiology Review. It’s very simple reading with chapters that are about 1-6 pages each and cover very succinct, focused topics. It’s perfect for the busy intern who has limited time for reading each day. There should be no problem finishing the book, though it will take some dedication. Anesthesiology is a different language, and the sooner one starts familiarizing herself with our vocabulary, the easier the transition will be when the new resident arrives. Although it’s not a must, it really minimizes the potential for feeling overwhelmed when you start. I think the best decision I made was to read during my internship. It was still something I prioritized and I think it paid dividends.

Answer from CA2: My short list is
1. Clinical Anesthesiology by Morgan and Mikhail. This is easier to read than even Baby Miller for me.
2. Anesthesia Secrets by Duke. You may be beyond this, but for me it was/is probably the highest yield read in terms of knowledge assimilation. I read it alot, as I can’t get into a real text if I have short bits of time. I would say read this before you start first year and you will know quite a bit and can “hang” your clinical experiences on that knowledge.
If you have money left over and are interested in ICU, Marino THE ICU BOOK, is a good read.

Answer from CA2: I guess I would recommend baby Miller and/or the Morgan/Mikhail Clinical Anesthesiology text. That said, I would also recommend that interns really focus on acquiring an understanding of the medical and surgical patient. There will be plenty of time for anesthesia next year, and this will be their last chance to hone an understanding of clinical management in those contexts. That knowledge plays a huge role in the care we provide in the OR everyday.

thank you, and good luck with internship!

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