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Normally I write about residency issues but today it is about our bulletin board which has a sheet of white paper with best allergies written on top and people have been writing in funny Allergies they see in patients medical records.

The list is below with medication followed by side-effect as reported by patients.
Atracurium —> temporary paralysis
Epinephrine —> racing heart
Cold chicken —> nausea
Benadryl —> anaphylaxis
Morphine (only Dilaudid works)
Epi —> “I died so they gave Epi”
Dilaudid (only Demerol works)
Sodium —> leg swelling (in a CHF patient)
Beta Blocker —> bradycardia
Sterile water —> rash
Prednisone —> throat tightness
Amoxicillin —> UTI
Hay Fever —> rhinorrhea
All narcotics —> sleepiness
Epinephrine —> tachycardia
Ativan —> drowsiness
Fentanyl —> stopped breathing
Pain —> agitated

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