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Last night June 13, 2009 was the Graduation Party for the Class of 2009. 12 of the 21 graduates will be doing fellowships, 5 will be going into academics across the country, and 4 will be entering private practice. Congratulations!

Dondee Almazan —— Peds Anesthesia Fellow, Stanford
Rich Cano —— Faculty, University of Iowa
Ellen Choi —— Peds Anesthesia Fellow, Stanford
Ben Conrad —— OB Anesthesia Fellow, UCSD
Mark Gjolaj —— Pain Fellow, Stanford
Jennifer Hah —— Pain Fellow, Stanford
Alyssa Hamman —— Private Practice, Colorado
Jerry Ingrande —— Research Fellow, Stanford
Marshal Jones —— Peds Anesthesia Fellow, Stanford
Nate Kelly —— Cardiac Anesthesia Fellow, Stanford
Eddie Kim —— Regional Anesthesia Fellow, UCSD
Gary Lau —— Private Practice, Southern California
Jennifer Lee —— Regional Anesthesia Fellow, Stanford
Allegra Lobell —— Attending, Palo Alto VA
Julianne Mendoza —— Peds Anesthesia Fellow, Stanford
John Nguyen —— Attending, Stanford
Katie Polhemus-Soto —— Private Practice, Chico, CA
Jodi Sherman —— Faculty, Yale University
Jennifer Wagner —— Peds Anesthesia Fellow, Stanford
Jerrin West —— Private Practice, OConnor Hospital, San Jose, CA
Karl Zheng —— Attending, Stanford

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