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Question: What feedback did the current interns provide about the internship?
—“Very strong clinical training across all major specialties of medicine”
—“Strengths include patient complexity, diversity of hospital sites (VA, County hospital, Stanford), patient population and disease”
—“Do the internship if you want to learn medicine”
—“Good medicine training, everyone is very nice, many inpatient months with call”
—“Very great experience especially getting to know Stanford. The medicine department is very welcoming”
—“With a few small exceptions (preop instead of continuity clinic, 1 mth of anesthesia) you are treated just like all of the other medicine interns, which means you will work hard and learn a lot, and will get to know an awesome group of people all around the hospital”
—“Solid medicine foundation”
—“Great to already feel fully integrated to Stanford life”
—“Absolutely recommend the Stanford internship. The medicine interns work hard but its great learning. I got to know my co-interns”
—“A big strength is that we are treated exactly the same as other medicine interns. The administration is focused on learning. Well prepared. Worth it.”

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