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The Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine at Stanford University is delighted to graduate 24 new anesthesiologists!

They are listed below with their next position. Congratulations.

Sarah Clark: Regional Anesthesia Fellowship, Northwestern
James Flaherty: Regional Fellowship, Virginia Mason
Lauren Friedman: Pain Fellowship, UCSF
Chrystina Jeter: Pain Fellowship, Stanford
Jason Johns: Regional Fellowship, Stanford
Stephanie Jones: Cardiac Fellowship, University of Washington
Stephen Kelleher: Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, Children’s Hospital, Boston
Barrett Larson: Industry and Attending, Stanford
Ken Lau: Private Practice, San Diego
James Li: Critical Care Fellowship, Stanford
Joshua Melvin: Private Practice, Sacramento
Chris Miller: Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, Stanford
Kristen Noon: Pain Fellowship, UCSD
Anil Panigrahi: Transfusion Fellowship, Stanford
Justin Pollock: Cardiac Fellowship, UCSD
Jennifer Potter: Regional Fellowship, University of Virginia
Chris Press: Cardiac Fellowship, Stanford
Amit Saxena: Attending, Stanford
Jan Sliwa: Cardiac Fellowship, Brigham and Women’s Hosp, Boston
Shaina Sonobe: Private Practice, Hawaii
Meghan Tieu: Attending, Stanford
Rachel Wang: Private Practice, Santa Cruz
Vicky Yin: Attending, Stanford
Jennifer Zocca: Pain Fellowship, Cornell

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