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Normally I write about cinical things or residency things but today it is about our breakfast room which is across the hall from our anesthesia conference room. Residents and faculty go there in the morning to have a cup of coffee or a snack or breakfast. Fruit, cereal, eggs, milk, toast, juice etc are provided every day.
Each person makes their own and some of the favorites are listed on the bulletin board including:
— English muffin with egg white and cheese
–Toasted bagel and cheese and nutella
— Bagel, egg whites, cheese, salt, pepper and microwave for 35 secs
–Cinammon raisin bread, toasted, with hard boiled egg plus peanut butter and cheddar cheese plus minus nutella
— Toasted bagel, 2 hard boiled eggs sliced, cream cheese, cheddar cheese microwave 22 secs
— Take the teaspoon, shovel into peanut butter jar, lick.
— Glazed doughnut cut in half, with nutella and sliced banana in the middle
— Select muffin of your choice. Slice of delicious top portion. Return remaining muffin to box.

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