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Question from applicant
What fellowship programs have recent residency graduates obtained?

Great question Justin! Over the past 7 yrs, the most popular fellowship choice for Stanford graduates has been pediatric anesthesia (35%). This is probably due to the fact the Packard Children’s Hospital has become one of the great pediatric facilities anywhere. The next most common choice is pain medicine(23%), followed by cardiac anesthesia(15%), and Ob(10%).

In 2008 at Stanford, 12 of the 21 graduates choose fellowship positions, which was the highest % ever. I think this is because of the depth and breadth of anesthesiology which requires an additional yr to develop real subspecialty expertise. Anyone going into academics certainly needs fellowship training nowadays. Also, with the economy in a recession now, there may be more people doing fellowships as jobs in private practice may be harder to find, at least until hospital and anesthesia groups find out if the number of cases is decreasing.

The actual numbers for fellowships is in the attached Table. It turns out most of the residents stay at Stanford for fellowship because they dont have to move and because the specialty training is really outstanding here. We offer all 4 ACGME fellowships, cardiac, pain, icu, and peds, which not many training programs around the country have. And, in the last few yrs we have recruited a dozen of our graduates to stay on as faculty .

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