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I’m wondering if I’m eligible for the one time Stanford moving housing allowance of $3,000 if I match at one of the internships near Stanford like the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

The rules are that you have to be on the Stanford payroll to be eligible for that money, and the Valley is considered an affiliate program. However, every incoming resident/intern receives the moving stipend whether or not they move to Stanford for their internship first. So if you do internship at the Valley, for example, you will receive the stipend when you begin residency a year later even though you probably won’t be moving again between internship and residency. People who actually do their internship at Stanford in prelim medicine or prelim surgery do receive the moving stipend at the start of their internship.

Other financial compensation by Stanford anesthesia includes: a monthly housing stipend typically used to help with rent, an educational fund of approximately $1500/yr, payment of $900 for your California medical license (as long as you submit the application on time) as well as any renewal fees, $550 for DEA registration, travel expenses when presenting at a mtg (about a third of our residents did that this yr), and call meal money.

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