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The Stanford Anesthesia Class of 2010 just finished last week and are on their way to their next career step as follows:

Shea Aiken—–Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship, Stanford
Rob Becker—–Private Practice, Fremont, CA
Jon Bradley—–Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship, Stanford
Marisa Brandt—–Private Practice, Corvallis, OR
Stephen Fink—–Private Practice, Newport Beach
Darin Flynn—–Private Practice, Carson City, NV
Joyce Hairston—–Peds CV, Peds Anesthesia Fellowships, Stanford
Jenna Hansen—–Regional Anesthesia Fellowship, Stanford
Billy Hightower—–Private Practice, Detroit, MI
Vince Hsieh—–Peds Fellowship, University of Washington
Meredith Kan—–Stanford Attending
Zoe Kaufenberg—–Navy-San Diego, CA
Jessica Kentish—–Private Practice, South Denver, CO
Zeest Khan—–Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship, Stanford
Milo Lochbaum—–Private Practice, OR
Nisha Malhotra—–Regional Anesthesia Fellowship, UCSD
David Parris—–Private Practice, San Francisco Bay Area
Tzevan Poon—–Internal Medicine Residency, University of Washington
Karim Rafaat—–Peds Anesthesia Fellowship, Stanford
Frain Rivera—–Private Practice, San Jose, Ca
Brooks Rohlen—–Private Practice, Seattle, Washington
Sam Seiden—–Peds Anesthesia Fellowship, Chicago
Stephanie Steinhoff—–Peds Anesthesia Fellowship, Stanford
Ying Tian—–Pain Medicine Fellowship, Stanford

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