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I’m currently a third-year medical student and I’m starting to prepare my fourth year and my application for a residency in anesthesiology. I think I might really enjoy being a resident at Stanford and was hoping to do an away rotation there in the Fall. What would you recommend?

Thank you for your interest! Theresa Kramer ( is our Stanford Anesthesia Clerkship Coordinator and Dr. Mike Rosenthal is the Clerkship Director.

We accept students from outside Medical Schools on an individual basis. is the link to Anesthesia Clerkships. All are open to visitors with the exception of ANES 306A/ANES 306P, a required core clerkship for Stanford med students. Most visiting students do 300A which is the OR anesthesia rotation.

Students desiring a 2-week clerkship will be assigned to the general OR either at the Stanford University Hospital (most visiting students like being at the main university hospital so they can see the residency first hand) or the Palo Alto VA Medical Center.

Visiting students that prefer a 4 wk experience spend the first 2 wks on the general OR services of either of the 2 above facilities; the second 2 wks are in a subspecialty of your choosing depending on availability and could either be Pediatrics (300P), Ob Anesthesia (302A), Cardiac Anesthesia (307A) or Acute Pain Management (304A). Students interested in Critical Care can take ANES 301A which is the Stanford Hospital ICU clerkship, ANES 340B (the Critical Care clerkship at the Palo Alto VA Med Ctr), or ANES 303D (at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara).

Please keep in mind that students must be able to arrange their schedules to coincide with the Stanford clerkship schedule. Periods available for student rotations are 3 thru 12. Students may begin their Stanford experience in the “B” portion of a period and if desired do the second 2 weeks in the “A” portion of the following period. Please refer to our clerkship calendar for deadlines & rotation dates.

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