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I am currently submitting my internship schedule and I was wondering if there was a requirement for the number of months in the ICU. Would you advise 2 months of ICU during the internship?

I would do 2 mths of ICU because it is a good preparation for anesthesia, and both will count toward the requirement of 4 mths during the 4 residency yrs.
Also, please be sure that you have >6 mths of rotations with inpatients, and you need to do 1 mth ER per ACGME requirements.
ACGME rules state that no more than 2 mths should be devoted to ICU or ER.
Up to 2 mths of ICU and 1 mth of Pain can count toward residency requirements.
Up to 1 mth of anesthesiology may be done during internship.

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