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Thank you for inviting me to interview Dr. Macario. I wanted to find out more about the actual interview day. What is the typical schedule for the applicants? Thank you, Jody

Alex Answers:
Dear Jody,
We have twelve interview days spread across December and January with 12-14 applicants per day. The day actually starts the night before with dinner at a nice Palo Alto restaurant (Nola’s Restaurant is a favorite) with some of our current residents. In the morning, the applicants assemble in our conference room at 8 AM. Then I welcome all of you and give a 30-minute presentation summarizing the residency, followed by Dr. Pearl, our chair, who also speaks for 30 mins. This is followed by 3-4 interviews with faculty members, one of which is for 15 mins with Dr. Pearl. At noon, you will have lunch with current housestaff and the Chief Resident will give you a tour of the hospital. Sometimes if applicants want to meet with other faculty that gets scheduled for the afternoon. Otherwise we try to get people out the door by 2pmish.

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