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Every year for the past few years there is an Anesthesia Resident Women’s Night for housestaff to catchup a bit and enjoy each others company. CA3 Vivianne L. Tawfik, MD, PhD who is a FARM Research Fellow in the Scherrer Lab organized the event.

She writes: Stanford Anesthesia residents are busy with schedules that sometimes make it difficult to get a group together but on November 15th, 2012 the stars were aligned and twenty five women residents got together for a wonderful night of good food and great conversation! Women from all three classes had the chance to relax and get to know each other outside of the OR. It was an opportunity for CA1s to ask questions informally about the program or specific situations they encountered and for all to learn that they were not the only one to miss an easy I.V. in front of a senior attending or sleep past their alarm on a day with a big case! Discussion of work-life balance was heard throughout the evening as we exchanged stories of the difficulties of trying to keep up relationships, attempts to continue outside interests and when best to start a family. Everyone had a wonderful time and left feeling more connected to their wonderful classmates in the Stanford Anesthesia program!

Thanks Vivianne for hosting!

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