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We are pleased to announce the six faculty members who will be the Stanford Anesthesia Teaching Scholars for 2011. Congratulations!
This is the 3rd cohort of attendings so designated.


Teaching Scholar Program Description:
Faculty charged with teaching aspire to achieve the same high level of expertise (in education) as that expected of research faculty (in clinical or laboratory investigation).
Expanding and refining the teaching toolbox of faculty is required by the many and changing demands of graduate medical education.
To help meet this challenge the Dept. of Anesthesia at Stanford supports the Teaching Scholars Program to further train and empower faculty to improve residency education.
This one-year faculty career development award provides:


Funding for travel expenses/tuition (up to $2000) and up to three days non-clinical time for theTeaching Scholar to attend and education related meeting or workshop. Possible conferences include the Society for Education in Anesthesia Meetings or the ACGME Annual Educational Conference.

Recognition. The Teaching Scholar designation can be added to the CV as a formal title.

Opportunity to work with others interested in teaching.The Teaching Scholar will work on one project during the year to improve resident education. The
Teaching Scholar works with 1-2 anesthesia residents to help with the project.

Happy New Year!


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