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We would like to announce that the Stanford Anesthesia Fellowship in Global Health is accepting applications.

This postgraduate Fellowship after residency is tailored to the individual physician’s background and goals but has several core components:
—- Up to 12 weeks working in a medically under-served low or middle-income country.
—- Scholarship project in global health focused on improving infrastructure through improvements in medical education or by forming and answering an appropriate research question.
—- A core curriculum at the crossroads between the multiple disciplines that comprise global health and considerations for delivering peri-operative care in austere environments. Many of the included lectures and seminars throughout the year are available via Stanford’s Center for Innovation in Global Health (
—- Clinical work as an anesthesiology attending in the Stanford Operating Room suite one day a week with 1-2 calls per month
—- Attendance at Global Health Outreach conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia or Seattle, Washington addressing the challenges of administering anesthetics in austere environments.

Upon completion, the fellow will become a global patient advocate with the ability to improve peri-operative healthcare delivery in low resource settings. As opposed to service oriented or volunteer mission trips, the focus is on capacity building through advancement of global health research and educational partnerships. Graduates of this one year fellowship will be poised for program development, policy work, and research within the burgeoning field of global health.

Goals and Objectives for the Global Health (GH) fellow include:
1) Understand and promote global patient advocacy
2) Gain knowledge of the complexities of issues contributing to health care disparities on a global scale
3) Recognize the economic, political, policy, cultural, epidemiology, and infrastructure factors that influence health care delivery in low and middle income countries.
4) Understand the factors contributing to the surgical component of the global burden of disease and then develop and implement effective solutions to the problems.
5) Develop knowledge of the differences in assessing patient needs and delivering peri-operative care in settings with limited resources.
6) Incorporate the global health knowledge and skill set into a career in anesthesia

If interested in applying please contact Fellowship Director Dr. Ana Crawford at Please note a California medical license is required. More information about Stanford Anesthesia Global Health is also available at

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