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Over the past several weeks I have gotten a few questions from residents from other countries interested in doing a rotation here. For example: “Hi, I am a resident of anesthesiology in Costa Rica. I want to know what I have to do to do a 3 month rotation in your hospital? I am interested in neuroanesthesia and obstetric anesthesia.
Thank you.”
A second inquiry stated “I don’t know who I have to contact with regard to start up arrangements, and what months could be available, and what requirements I must meet as a European doctor from Santiago de Compostela, Spain to learn Anesthesia during two months in the US at Stanford”

Unfortunately, although Stanford University Medical Center accepts visiting residents from ACGME-accredited programs in the United States and Canada, residents from other countries are not allowed to do clinical rotations at Stanford. There are several reasons for this including the large number of requests that come in. “Observerships” are also not permitted, in part because regulations require an observer in the operating room to introduce themselves as such to the patient. I am sorry.

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